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Two Tips for Your First Solo Holiday

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Here are some tips for your first solo holiday.

Go on a few guided tours

When visiting somewhere new on your own, it's a good idea to book yourself a few guided tours. One of the things that makes a solo holiday a bit daunting is the knowledge that travelling alone isn't quite as safe as travelling with a group of people. If the place you've chosen to holiday in has lots of interesting attractions that you're eager to visit, but you're worried about feeling unsafe when walking around the city or town on your own, or about the possibility of getting lost when you're by yourself, then you should sign up to a guided tour of the area you want to explore.

The guide will not only be able to show you around all of the area's most fascinating sights but, due to their trustworthiness and familiarity with the town or city, will also be someone that you can feel safe around when you're visiting these new places. They will take you and the other tourists on an exploration of the attractions that you want to see, and they will never leave a particular attraction without checking that every tour member is accounted for. Because of this, you'll feel secure enough to concentrate only on the fantastic attractions they show you.

Make an effort to befriend those you meet on these tours

Whilst the great thing about a solo holiday is that it gives you time to enjoy your own company, you might find yourself feeling a bit lonely sometimes (especially if you're not used to spending long periods on your own). Additionally, there may be certain activities (such as going out to restaurants) that you aren't used to doing alone and which you'd prefer to do with others.

This is why it's worth making the effort to become friends with some of the people you meet on the guided tours you take. This will give you a chance to have some interesting conversations about the attractions you visit and to stave off the occasional pangs of loneliness you might feel. It might also result in you getting the chance to go out for dinner or to have a night out with the other holidaymakers after the tour comes to an end. This, in turn, will enrich your holiday and potentially lead to you even making some long-term friends.