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Kangaroo Island Tours You Mustn't Miss

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If you're new to Kangaroo Island, you're probably wondering how to get the most out of your visit to one of Australia's best-protected and most-diverse marvels. You'll find the answer on the island's many tour trails: local experts will take you to spots you might have missed on your own, and teach you beautiful, diverse secrets of a place sometimes referred to as "Australia's Galapagos."

#1: Pristine golden beaches and a sparkling azure sea

Kangaroo Island features miles of coastline, with towering cliffs looking out onto some of the world's most beautiful beaches. Sealife tours can take you out into the water to swim with wild dolphins, and fishing charter tours will teach you how to catch, identify and cook your own delicious seafood dinner. There's also plenty to learn about on the sand, with coastal tours taking you through the perfect spots to enjoy the feel of sun overhead and sand underfoot. Start your Kangaroo Island holiday with a guided beach tour like this, and you'll have such a long list of places to revisit throughout your trip that you'll want to come back again next year.

#2: Some of the best dining experiences in Australia

If a decadent evening of gourmet treats is more your style, you'll be pleased to learn that the food and drinks made on Kangaroo Island are amongst the finest in Australia. Most of the island's wineries, microbreweries and distilleries offer tasting tours, often followed by a delicious meal showcasing local produce. Farm tours can give you a tantalising peek into the business of oysters, honey, eucalyptus and lavender, each rich with its own culinary delights.

#3: And, of course, the kangaroos!

What would Kangaroo Island be without its eponymous kangaroos? Don't miss out on the perfect wildlife safari tour experience: the island's parks and sanctuaries are teeming with fascinating marsupials, and close encounters are common during your adventure. Of course, the 'roos aren't the only animals you can meet! Other inland guided yours will take you to the koalas, the seals, and the many stunning bird species the island has to offer, leaving you with unforgettable memories you'll treasure for years to come.

There's a lot to explore on the island, both alone and with a guide. Tours are the perfect way to start — but they can book up fast, particularly in the busier seasons, so be sure to book your place before you travel to make sure you don't miss out.

Talk to a company that offers Kangaroo Island guided tours to learn more.